Saturday, June 13, 2009

Overlord II: PC Demo and Decision

While the first Overlord shows little differences between the Personal Computer and the console versions, the same cannot be said in regards to Overlord II. The PC demo is finally out and after playing through it, there is absolutely no way that I can go back to the PlayStation 3 or the X-Box 360 versions of the game.


I set all the options on the highest possible settings - of course the performance will vary depending on how powerful your PC is. The frame rate is silky smooth with no signs of slowdown whatsoever. The textures look razor sharp and I can spot things that didn't even notice while playing the console versions. The visual clarity is second to none and this makes everything looks better. The only visual hiccup that remains on the PC version is the pop-up but even that becomes less apparent here because of smooth frame rate. The game also supports the X-Box 360 controller - complete with rumble feature - and the control setup is the same one found on the 360 version. Unfortunately, this game will not be Live-enabled. To be honest, Microsoft - as well as Apple - should really make all Windows/Mac-based games Live-enabled. It's just good business and it definitely helps eliminate software piracy. I am not enslaved by Achievements/Trophies though, so I would still get the PC version of the game just because of the major improvements in the game's overall performance. Let's not forget that with the superior PC version, you also pay $20 less than the asking price for the console versions!

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