Sunday, June 7, 2009

Overlord II or a Shortcut to Ultimate Evil

I downloaded the X-Box 360 and the PlayStation 3 demo for the upcoming Overlord II earlier today and I can tell you that I am absolutely going to buy this game. The reason is simple: baby seal hunting.

They are so cute. They are so innocent. And they are so dead meat.

Before you start writing an email to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to seek out help for those cute little animals, let me explain in detail so that you can gain more ammunition to add in to your protest. In the short demo, you get to control the evil looking "overlord" as he controls his minions through an Antarctic tutorial stage. If you are not familiar with the first game, Overlord II is an action adventure game and even though you can use magic and swing your axe around, the game is really about sending out your goblin-like minions to do all your evil bidding like killing and pillaging while you wait from the distance to enjoy the comical devastation that they cause. The action that took place in the demo was pretty limited: you get to chase after a yeti who keeps opening up new paths for you to progress through and you get to try out the basic commands for your minions but here comes the spectacular part: Mid-way through, you get to kill a LOT of baby seals to harness the necessary amount of life force needed to continue the game. I cannot believe that developer Triumph Studios actually went this far just so that the player can feel... Super Evil! After justifying the kill by showing one baby seal eating a cute little fish, you can then send your minions out to start clubbing all the baby seals in sight (not funny in real life I am sure) complete with meaty, exaggerated sound effects of the clubs hitting the baby seals' heads - ouch! As I was giggling away I couldn't help but to think of the ramification this game may have with the animal rights group but... they didn't say anything about the sheep in the first game so why would they do so with this sequel right?

The friendliest bunch of elves I have ever seen.

As if the baby seal killing wasn't bad enough, soon after you are introduced to a group of peace-loving gay elves - I am not kidding - who are trying to save the cuddly things from your evil clutches. If these events are just a small indication of the types of zaniness that can be found in the game, I think that Overlord II can easily be one of the best games of the year! It is slated for release later this month: June 23rd to be exact. The game is going to be $20 cheaper on the Personal Computer but sadly, the PC demo is not out yet. I hope it's going to be Live-enabled but so far, there is no indication that it will be. The demo on both consoles perform similarly to each other: they both contain - surprise! - object pop-ups and some slowdown when a lot of things are happening on screen. The 360 version has a much darker contrast that takes away a lot of graphical details compared to the PS3 version but that's the only difference that I was able to spot. I can't wait to kill more cute things! Bring it on, Overlord II!


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