Monday, June 15, 2009

Achievement Impact on WoW

I have been back on World of Warcraft for a day now and surprisingly, I haven't seen any apparent achievement-whoring happening in the game. I was really expecting people to do weird, unnatural stuff while playing the Battlegrounds but no signs of that so far. Maybe I have arrived here too late to see the madness of it all when it was first introduced? I have seen the official achievement announcement pop-ups every so often though - whenever one is unlocked, other players in close vicinity are notified of your "accomplishment", a pretty rewarding thing to some folks I am sure. This is a good sign I hope because I have heard stories about people not willing to group up with players who do not have the necessary number of achievements that they deem worthy enough to justify being in their presence - now that's a new breed of an achievement whore there. I would laugh out so loud if I am told by someone in the game, "You don't have enough raiding achievements, you can't join us". During the last two hours of play this evening, I did stumble into the following public messages from two players looking to score some achievement points. By the way, the achievements in this game are not rewarded with any significant in-game items and there are just there as fun little extras. As they say, where there are achievements...

Well, well well... They do exist in WoW.

This one even included the link that describes the achievement that he/she is after.
Notice the misspelling and the second announcement a couple of lines after. Apparently,
the group was able to find a DPS pretty quickly - gasp! There are many of them out there!

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