Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gunstar Heroes on X-Box Live Arcade?

What sort of madness is this? More classic Genesis games are released on the X-Box Live Arcade today under the "Sega Vintage Collection" banner... 6 of them as a matter of fact with one must buy: Gunstar Heroes. If I knew that this timeless Treasure classic was going to come out on the X-Box 360 - the same thing happened to me with Streets of Rage II - I would have not purchased it from the Wii virtual console. What makes matters worse is the fact that the X-Box Live version has online multi-player. I almost bought this game on Live but further research revealed that Gunstar Heroes is also coming out on the PlayStation 3 tomorrow! I rather get it for the PS3 of course but I am waiting to see if that version will have online co-op as well before I make my decision.

Many repeats here except for... Gunstar Heroes... Oh my galaxy!

Madness... Just utter madness. I mean, it has ONLINE CO-OP for Galaxy's sake!

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