Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Games Played 06/05/2009

Ape Escape 2 - PlayStation 2
Fight Night Round 4 Demo - PlayStation 3*
SingStar - PlayStation 3
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - X-Box 360

*The game looks brighter here than the X-Box 360 but the colors that just pop out
on the 360 look faded and dull on the PS3. I may have to opt for the 360 version on
this one but we shall see because it still looks stunning on the PS3, just less vibrant.


Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life (2005)
Developer: Natsume
Platform: Nintendo GameCube
Purchase Date: 07/29/2005

Just because I am good with the hoe, it doesn't make me one, okay?

I have purchased so many of these Harvest Moon games. It is one of my favorite game series. Another Wonderful Life was the second Harvest Moon on the GameCube and it became the first one in the series to feature a female main character. You would think that Natsume's sudden reversal of extreme sexism - that only males can be farmers - was a good thing but if you have played the previous games in the series, you will find out that you are treated somewhat differently here in the most obnoxious ways just because you are playing a girl. But I digress - the real action here is the farm simulation where you manage vegetation and animals to maximize your level of production while experiencing a social life with the people in the nearby town. It's a lot of fun and after you have found your momentum, it gets quite addicting. I don't think I can get quite enough of Harvest Moon but they really do need to step it up in the graphics department because things look too simplistic. Giving the game a mature look with detailed graphics might do the series some good. You have to give the game credit for being able to obtain an "E" rating when the game actually provides you the option to get married and make babies. Strange that these games never made it to Fox News.

LIBRARY STATUS: 4 out of 5

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