Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Games Played 05/25/2009

Free Realms - PC
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom - X-Box 360


Missing: Since January (2004)
Developer: Lexis Numérique
Platform: Personal Computer
Purchase Date: 2004

What could possibly turn an independent, strong woman into this terrified mess?

Missing: Since January presents itself not as a video game but as a CD being distributed by SKL Network, a documentary production company, that contains cryptic clues left by a serial killer that must be decoded and solved to save the lives of their missing employee Jack Lorsi and a woman named Karen Gijman. You can think of it as The Blair Witch Project of video games where the intent behind the game's creation is to blur the line between fiction and reality. When you first start the game, an email address registration is required - the server is still up too (after installing a patch) if you are interested in purchasing the game - and this becomes a vital part of the experience. You see, as you delve deeper and deeper into solving the abstract and disturbing puzzles, you will receive many interesting emails related to the investigation. The game asks you to solve puzzles after puzzles while being taunted by the messages as well as raw video footage left by the killer himself and most often, you are required to look for your answers from the internet: there are many authentic-looking websites created for the purpose of this game that can be found using any search engine providing that you know the specific keywords to type in. It's a hit or miss sometimes but the clever usage of uncommon word combinations help to reduce unnecessary frustrations. The realism that comes from the serious tone and the handheld Quick Time video footage is exceptional. Missing: Since January is bold, fresh, and unsettling. A rare accomplishment and one of the most unique video gaming experiences ever devised.

LIBRARY STATUS: 5 out of 5

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Orhan Kahn said...

I am surprised I haven't heard of this game before. That is something I would certainly play, especially after you've rated it 5/5.