Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bedazzled by Dazzle

Ever since I started playing the DOTA 2 last night, it's really hard to pull myself away from it. I will admit that the gameplay of League of Legends feels more satisfying in comparison but when it comes to the game presentation, DOTA 2 is pure perfection. I just love the character design, the detailed map graphics, the way that everything in the game is properly scaled depending on the terrain elevation, the engaging character comments, and the list goes on and on. Before I got into the beta, I have watched so many DOTA 2 matches and the one character that I always look forward to playing as the most is non-other than the pinkish purple Shadow Priest, Dazzle. Now that I have experienced several matches playing him and well, I really like him a lot.

Dazzle's healing spell, Shadow Wave, doubles as a potent damage dealer.

I love Soraka in League of Legends because of her passive aggressive nature and the same is true with Dazzle. He has a healing spell that when used in can cause damage to enemies who are near and his ultimate has that dual functionality where it increases the allies' armor while applying the opposing effect on the enemies. But the one ability that truly makes this hero remarkably memorable is Shallow Grave. This spell will shield allies from death for 5 seconds and of course it is best used when you or one of your teammates is on the brink of death. It's even more rewarding when using it turns a team fight around. I have tried a number of different heroes as well - that Queen of Pain is quite funny - but it looks like I have found my first DOTA 2 love in Dazzle.

Of course it helps when his ultimate ability looks cool when you cast it.

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