Saturday, March 17, 2012

LoL: Double the Classic Skins

I got two more alternate skins for League of Legends on the Personal Computer. Riot Games are retiring a bunch of classic skins at the moment and they have all received a 75% discount each. Most of these are sadly color-swaps but there are a couple of standouts and I snatched them up without hesitation: the Safari Caitlyn and the Time Machine Zilean. Hopefully, these skins will make me start playing this game more again because I haven't been rigorous with my LoL sessions lately and DOTA 2 is not to be blamed for it because I haven't been playing that game as well! One day, I hope that I have at least one alternate skin for every champion in the game through these skin sales.

I agree that Zilean should retire but Cait, she's way too young for that!

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