Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Infinity Blade Bleeds Visual Awesomeness

I know it has been long delayed but I finally got my hands on the much hyped iOS game Infinity Blade by Chair Entertainment. I do know that there is already a sequel out for this 2010 game that was just released late last year but since the original is way cheaper, I thought I should visit it first. The game has quite an interesting concept in which you play as generations of valiant knights who is out to destroy an evil God King. The unfortunate thing about this game is that it is repetitive by design due to its intriguing narrative loop but the role playing element does make it rather addictive because you want to keep leveling up. The meat of the game is its battle sequences that involve anticipating your opponents and responding to their attacks using a variety of touch commands. But I am not here to discuss the gameplay of Infinity Blade, no. I am just writing this to express my admiration for the game's gorgeous Unreal Engine 3 graphics.

Do I really have to tap that thing's crotch?

I have seen a lot of screenshots of the game but I have been skeptical about the graphics for the longest time. Surely a lot of these folks who are amazed by the game's visuals don't own even a current generation console if they were so easily impressed? Well, let me tell you that I was wrong to doubt this game's graphics. It is magnificent - the game looks as good as an X-Box 360 game. Sure, there are some low texture resolutions here and there but those problems persist on the current generation consoles as well. The environments look expansive even though they cannot be freely explored. The only thing that takes away from the game's visual treats is the lack of real time shadows.

The close-ups reveal a lot of details on the character models.

It's really amazing what they can accomplish with the current iOS technology, which I am sure will be further boosted with the upcoming iPad 3 but I think we should realize however that a game that looks this good for the iOS only consist of 2 titles - Infinity Blade and probably its sequel. Although I am very delighted to have experienced the pretty sights generated by this game, I am a bit sadden to think that we have another case of untapped potentials here. It true that game developers will always have access to the best of hardware technology but only a very few of them will do something remarkable with it.

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Chalgyr Vokel said...

I agree completely - the visuals of this title just floored me when it came out. Sure, it was to many people Punch Out with a sword, but I enjoyed the formula thoroughly and am hoping to pick up and get into the 2nd one in the near future.