Friday, March 2, 2012

On the PC, Not the 360

I went to the website earlier this evening and imagine my surprise when I saw that the recently released free-to-play flight simulation for the Personal Computer, Microsoft Flight, took the main promotional section of the page. Sure, Microsoft has added the Game for Windows LIVE titles onto the website for a while now but this just strikes me as being quite odd.

Uh, are you telling the 360 owners to go get a PC and play on LIVE for free?

I mean, the idea of a great looking free title by Microsoft that is also free to play online may make the X-Box 360 fanatics who only play on that platform uncomfortable because the game even has achievements and that they have to pay to play the online components of 360 games. I just hope that this will bring awareness to those who still think it's alright for Microsoft to charge money for online multiplayer as well as access to the things you can utilize for free anywhere else, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the like. Click here learn more about Microsoft Flight and if you don't have a gaming PC, well, it's really time that you get yourself one.

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