Monday, March 19, 2012

A Month with Yoshi

It's almost a month since the spouse and I adopted our girl Yoshi and she is settling in nicely into the household. Our lives these days have definitely been enhanced by Yoshi's presence, especially the fact that Yoshi is always there wherever we go inside the house because she is not very independent and the spouse spoiling her is not helping with that situation one bit. The real question here is whether or not having Yoshi around has an impact on my gaming habits and the answer to that is a definite yes. I take Yoshi out on a half hour walk twice a day, in the early morning and in the evening - that used to be one precious hour that I would spend on gaming.  Since Yoshi likes to spend her time resting in my Game Room, seeing her all super cute sometimes convinces me to spend some time with her instead of starting up a game. The one big impact however is that now I get more mileage registered on the pedometer of the Nintendo 3DS - too bad there is a limit to the number of coins you can earn daily as well as the maximum accumulated that you can hold on to. By the way, Yoshi is still unwilling to play any multiplayer games with me. Oh well, I still love you a lot my spoiled little princess!

Should I grab that controller or should I grab... this?

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