Monday, March 12, 2012

Severity Severed

I have decided to do away with the "severity" system that was implemented for my Purchase List. The system was there to assist me in prioritizing the games that I wanted more thus the games that I would focus on inducting into my Game Library first before the rest. It was broken down into 3 levels with "Severity 1" being the most important while "Severity 3" being the least important. It took a while, but I began to realize that this system didn't work all that well because of unforeseen, ever fluctuating factors like availability and price. I have decided in the end that if I wanted to have a game to be a part of my collection, then it would just be as important as the rest of my list of games that interest me.

Wished it was a simple cut and paste job.

The list has now been separated by platform only and I must say that the task of consolidating those titles into their respective platforms was a lot more involving than I thought. I took this opportunity to delete the games that I no longer want - there were quite a bunch of them - but the list itself is still pretty darn long. It's interesting to see that I still want a lot of games for the Nintendo DS but it's obvious that the reason for this is that I prioritize getting games for other platforms first and foremost. I do like how the Purchase List looks like now so I have accomplished my mission. As a bonus, I will not be hearing anymore complaints that I usually get when the spouse tried to get me a game as a surprise but got confused by the tiered listing.

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