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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Like Ninjas But...

Microsoft's LIVE avatar costumes... Who doesn't like them? I may not like pay-to-play online mentality of the LIVE service on the X-Box 360 but our cute avatars surely deserve nothing but the coolest looking gears. Well, Microsoft is offering a super-deadly ninja outfit through their X-Box LIVE Rewards program for free for those who decide to change their gamertag!

There's nothing cooler than a ninja. This is the truth.

I was like, well, sure why not. I don't mind dressing up my avatar in that ninja getup and it's not like I have never contemplated on changing my gamertag from "Bardnoon Lord" to "Bardnoon" just to streamline things for me a bit. Then I clicked on the link to check out the details and I noticed that the cost for a gamertag change is 800 Microsoft Points ($10) and I was like... Why would I want to do that just so that I could score an outfit with a value of 320 MP? You have to offer me something more substantial than that Microsoft to qualify this promotion as something closer to a real VIP treatment...

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