Friday, May 15, 2009

Wolverine Fights Back!

Man hair overdose - Check.

If you have read my movie review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, you know how much I hated it. When I logged on to X-Box Live earlier, I saw that the demo for the movie-based game was available for download and since I wasn't in the mood to really play anything, I thought to myself... Why not?

Buff Jackman body - Check.

Well, just the intro video when you start the game itself is a million times better than the entirety of the terrible movie this game is based on. Raven Software has taken the liberty to ensure that they would do whatever they can to distinguish this game from the movie by altering the storyline and adding in more action than the movie could ever contain - they know the movie sucks, there is no question about that. The game is a hardcore hack-and-slash with some lite role playing game elements added to it. Wolverine levels up when you have racked in enough experience points and you can customize his attributes to your liking. The demo didn't allow me to really experiment with this because of it was very short. When you level up, it feels very rewarding because it is celebrated with a flashing, bright glow encompassing Wolverine's entire body. It really makes you want to kill more enemies so that you can see it again.

Exciting X-Men action missing from the movie - Check.

The action itself is simple but fun. It really reminds me of Conan on the X-Box 360/PlayStation 3 in terms of its overall mechanics and its level of gore. Unlike the sterile, bloodless movie, there's plenty of the red stuff to be found in this game. This is the real Wolverine whom I have been looking for - he's ultra-violent, he's sadistic, and he likes to stick his claws viciously where it hurts the most (like through the skull or across the neck). Body parts fly everywhere and some of the amputations are presented in slow motion for extra dramatic effect. Your enemies are not the only ones who get to take a shower in their own blood - as damage is inflicted upon Wolverine, you will see his flesh gets torn asunder only to regenerate completely when you are able to get away from the incoming punishments.

Gory kills missing from the movie - Check... and ouch!

I am quite impressed with what I have seen and played so far. This game is so much better than the movie, Raven Software should have released this without using any of the movie license. But I know that everyone loves Hugh Jackman so I can't blame them for trying to cash in on the movie's popularity. I really look forward to playing the full game. Thanks to the demo, the game has now been listed as Severity 1 on my Purchase List.


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