Saturday, May 30, 2009

PSP GO? Go Sony!

The buzz is everywhere: Thanks to the prematurely-leaked video of the June 2009 edition of the oh-so-exciting Qore, PSP Go... is a go! With a release scheduled for this fall, it's really just a nicer and more compact version of the PlayStation Portable with its best touted feature being the all digital content. What I love most about it is that it's going to truly shift the video gaming market to digital only content - something that's just so inevitable, it should be here already. It is going to take a while though, sadly, because Sony decided that it's a good idea to still have the older PSP models continually available for sale alongside the new system so that people can still make their choice when it comes to how they want to purchase their games. After the download-only marketing of Patapon 2, you would expect Sony to be a bit more aggressive about this. It's a tad disappointing.

Veronica Belmont rules.

My only complaint? It comes with only 16 GB of flash memory. Oh come on. In this day and age, I would expect nothing less than 100 GB! The only remaining question is this: How do you play older UMD-based games that you already owned? I have 93 UMD games in my collection that I would love to be able to play on the new PSP Go. Perhaps a way to install the game via an external USB device included with the system? Let's hope that Sony has a logical and well-planned solution at hand.

Make-up kit 101.

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