Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Type of Game

Today is a great day to be a shoot-'em-up fan: R-Type Dimensions has arrived on the X-Box Live Marketplace. It comes with both the classic and graphically-enhanced versions of R-Type as well as R-Type II. It's a bit pricey - 1200 Microsoft Points - but you are getting a lot for that price. Let's show some support to both Tozai Games and Southend Interactive for making it possible for us to own this game on Live. If Cave is willing to work just a little harder, I am sure that even they can skip the Japanese exclusive retail market and get their upcoming mega-blockbusters like DeathSmiles and Ketsui released internationally on the Live Marketplace. Come on, a lot of people outside of Japan love shoot-'em-ups too...

Buy the game and show Microsoft that we are not just about first person shooters.

Scheduled for a 04/23/2009 retail release in Japan.
Will it ever see the light of day here in the United States?

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