Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Community Game Revolution

With the exception of Weapon of Choice, the X-Box Live Community Games have brought nothing but trash into the Live Marketplace. Looking through the latest selections, I found what could be THE most ridiculous "game" to be released on it yet... Rumble Massage.

Finally, your dream and desire to have the controller rumble non-stop is here.
Notice the sensual game image that is included on the preview page.

The game's description happily explains that after a long and hard day, this software will allow you to place the X-Box 360 controller on your neck or back, adjust the rumble and pulse intensity of the controller, then sit back and relax while you are getting your Rumble Massage. Amazing isn't it. Just imagine the unlimited amount of benefits this can provide to your body. Justin Le Clair, you are a genius... Not.

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