Thursday, February 19, 2009

Games Played 02/16/2009


Cosmic Smash (2000)
Developer: Sega
Platform: Sega Dreamcast
Purchase Date: 2000

The big numbers on the floor to the right is the game's time counter. Isn't it smashing?

You can tell that this game has a heavy emphasis on style by just looking at its unique, transparent DVD case. The game is based on squash but here, you have to destroy all the holographic boxes in the room to clear a stage. There are many areas to progress through with an escalating complexity of box configurations after each one. In addition, points are rewarded for performing special moves while accurately aiming the ball to your next target. The graphics are simple, reminiscent of the brilliant Rez and this bring a nice futuristic aura to the whole presentation.

LIBRARY STATUS: 4 out of 5

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