Thursday, January 1, 2015

Trap Team Villain Organizer: Useful & Deadly

Ever since I got Skylanders Trap Team in late November last year, I have been trying to find a great way to display the Elemental Traps in my Game Room. I have tried many things, from putting them in a small container to leaning them against the wall along the side of the room, nothing really worked. Today, I decided to pull out the trap organizer that came with the game: it's a raised cardboard stand that has a list of all the villains that you can capture in the game with a trap slot on top of each. This is definitely the proper way to store the traps and I like that I now know the specific villains that I have for each of the traps without having to plug them into the Traptanium Portal. But with this organizer being out in the open, I can see the danger it brings: It motivates one to buy more traps so that one can permanently store a single villain to a single trap. It would be wonderful to fill out this organizer board for sure though I don't see myself doing that until the price for the traps drop down significantly. It would have been great if these traps are a dollar each, but even then, I would have to spend more than $30 to get all the traps I need. I would love to be able to get there eventually with these traps because I am very committed to this game ever since I started playing Skylanders Swap Force early last year but the actual figurines and other gaming wants will have to take precedence over them.

A convenient way to remind me of the villains who currently reside inside these traps.

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