Friday, January 2, 2015

Ka-Boom: From Weird to Cool

When I first looked at the list of Trap Masters for Skylanders Trap Team, I was disappointed with the representatives for the fire element: Wildfire, the uni-color gold lion and Ka-Boom, the muscle head who looks like Tristana from League of Legends on steroids. If I had to choose between the two, I would pick Wildfire because his shield weapon is definitely a redeeming quality. When I finally got the Wildfire figurine home, it definitely didn't look that bad though I certainly wished that the character was a little more colorful. I finally welcomed Ka-Boom into my Skylanders family today and surprisingly, I found his figurine to be very attractive indeed. It definitely looks better in person. It's bulky, bold, and angry with all that detailed muscle definition as well as that big hollow canon he's holding. I am glad I gave him a chance as I am really enjoying this figurine more than I thought I would. I should have known better than to doubt a Skylander!

That canon is big enough to blow Bowser's head off.

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