Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Splitting Console/PC Broadcasting Apart

If you have ever visited my Twitch channel or even taken a glimpse of it through the embed video on this website, you probably would have noticed that I haven't found much success in broadcasting on Twitch. It's nothing that I am ashamed of. As a matter of fact, it's the butt of a running joke that my husband likes to throw my way quite often. Sure, I have the 2-3 regulars whom I have made some connection with on Twitch who would once in a blue moon show up and chat with me while I am broadcasting but that is pretty much the extent of my broadcasting victories. I couldn't even get my husband to come to the channel and pretend to watch me and that does hurt sometimes. Still, I use Twitch mainly as a convenient gameplay recorder so that I can highlight special moments from my gaming sessions but it's always truthful for me to still admit that I do get discouraged over the fact that I am unable to make more connections there. This is why it was easy for me to decide that starting today I will only be broadcasting my PC gameplay via Steam Broadcasting, now that the feature is available for everyone on the live Steam client. I don't expect to get any viewers whatsoever by doing this switch since I don't have close friends even on Steam but at least it's broadcasting made simple. I spend a majority of my gameplay time on the PC so this will just make things more convenient for me. I don't care about spending the upload bandwidth to Twitch before but I also like the idea that if no one is interested to see me doing my thing, then my Steam Broadcast won't even go live until someone actually decided to watch it. This doesn't mean that I am closing down my Twitch channel. I will still be using Twitch whenever I play my console games. And yeah, I still like to watch others broadcast on Twitch: to interact with them, to make them smile. I just could never grasp the formula that would allow others to do the same for me.

You may never see me rise to the top of the list but feel free to stop by anytime.

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