Thursday, January 15, 2015

Game Room Reshuffle

My back is hurting a little bit - oh galaxy, I am getting old - for I have been reshuffling things in my Game Room for the most part of my free time today. What promoted this really is my ever-growing figurine collection, specifically from the Skylanders series so I just wanted to create more space to accommodate them. I surprised myself however with how much room I was able to open up by simply moving the one media cabinet I have placed on the right corner in the front of my Game Room. Here are some pictures from today's reshuffle:

Before: One cabinet ruled this corner.

After: I regained so much space here.

Before: This is the left corner in the back of the room.

After: This is where that one cabinet got moved to.

I had to pull all these PlayStation 3 games out of the cabinet for the move.

It took a while to get these PlayStation Portable games back into the cabinet.

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