Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Three amiibos

I received three more of Nintendo's amiibo figurines today and this time, Princess Peach is included! Oh the horror! I would always do my best to be fair when analyzing everything so even though my initial reaction to the Peach amiibo was less than desirable, now that I have this thing sitting in front of me, I have to give it another chance to impress or if not that, repulse me:

My amiibo collection is growing.

Now the best out of these three is definitely the Yoshi amiibo. It's pretty much the pitch perfect representation of the character, captured in mid walk as he turns his head to the side. The Donkey Kong amiibo is pretty cool too. I especially love the energetic pose and the way the tie is suspended in mid air compliments the overall look. The only problem with this amiibo is that it looks like Donkey Kong is sitting on the porcelain throne... I just don't get why they have to place a really huge chunk of grey support base right on his buttocks. The person who came up with that solution is apparently not very smart. Now for the main event: Peach! Now this is the way you add a support stand on an amiibo. There's a clear pole right behind her legs that helps this amiibo float in the air and even if you look at it closely, it's easy to think that it's just the base of some sort of fancy royal crystal chair that Peach is sitting on. I like her dainty pose with that left hand extended - I guess she is left handed? - as if she is reaching out for your hand. Her layered dress looks exquisite with plenty of little details. Like Samus, she looks really small however. And then we get to her face...

Oh my galaxy... That face.

Okay, she is not as hideous when you turn her face to stare at you straight on but yes, it's still looking rather peculiar. It's obvious that the head was just not shaped properly. Her jaw needed to be shortened while her face needed a bit of an additional width to be able to convey the amiibo's original vision. So yes, after some careful investigation, there is definitely something wrong with her face still. Getting these new amiibos today reminded me that I need to jump back on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. I think I am more excited about unlocking the extra costumes in Mario Kart 8 than playing that game however.

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