Saturday, January 3, 2015

Trap Team: Element Expansion Packs

Today has been a rather exciting day, thanks to the arrival of the Dark and Light Element Expansion Packs for my PlayStation 4's Skylanders Trap Team. I have been looking forward to these and I have to say that unfortunately only one of these packs truly shine, easily overshadowing its counterpart.

I don't normally get excited about physical products anymore except for these Skylanders.

I do love the extra stickers that came with these packs that are used for both the Trap Team cast poster as well as the trap organizer list. I really enjoyed spending time posting these stickers as neatly as possible: It is a very gratifying experience unlike anything else in my gaming life of late.

Looking forward to capturing these villains.

Strangely, the packs didn't contain a Light/Dark elemental sticker to replace the top "?".

Now on to the figurines themselves. Knight Light, the new Light Trap Master, easily steals the show here with his exquisite pair of wings which spread open from the back of his shoulders - you can see individual feathers meticulously carved onto them as well - and that gigantic sword in his hand. The mask design is somewhat questionable but the white and gold color scheme really works and makes the figurine stand out compared to other Skylanders. Even the base looks stunning with its striking sun motif and jagged, star-like frame.

Definitely looking more like a superhero than a Skylander but it's still beautiful.

Meanwhile, the new Dark Trap Master Knight Mare, despite the clever name, looks pale in comparison. The black and blue/green color combination resulted in muddled details on the figurine. Unless you look at it closely, it may as well be uni-color just like Wildfire. The overall design is also not very inspiring. She just ended up looking like a typical centaur, especially with that trumpet she is holding in her left hand. Even the base looks disappointing: It's riddled with chunky dark swirls and it could easily be confused with the base of an Earth Skylander from a distance. I am not impressed but I sincerely hope that she will play better in the game than she actually looks.

Too literal perhaps. The ponytail going over the gigantic broadsword is cute though but not enough.

By the way, the towers that came with the expansion packs glow on the Traptanium Portal, a nice little touch. With these expansion packs within my possession, complete with the Light and Dark Elemental Traps, I now feel fully equipped to tackle everything that needed to be accomplished in the game. Well, I suppose I still need to get a pair of those minis...

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