Friday, January 9, 2015

amiibos: Cool but Overpriced

I received 4 amiibos by Nintendo today that marks yet another foray into figurine collecting for me, as if getting those pesky Skylanders is not bad enough. My first four amiibos didn't include the unfortunate Princess Peach, thank the galaxy: I got Luigi, Mario, Pikachu, and Samus. For something that retails at $12.99 each, they are a little too small. Though definitely more lovingly detailed, one of these amiibos look even smaller than some of my regular Skylanders. I would say that these things are definitely more reasonably priced at $9.99.

Samus and her Nintendo friends.

Samus and her Skylander... enemies?

Out of these four, Mario is definitely my absolute favorite and they seem to have put a lot of efforts into his amiibo figurine thanks to the textured denim overalls he's wearing and that streak of fancy fireball he's holding in his hand. Luigi would have been an epic amiibo figurine if not for that stupid transparent support that is unfortunately placed right on his crotch to hold him in that awkward but very striking position. Since my Samus seems to be slightly slanted to the left, it was a good idea then for them to install that stand for Luigi because one could only imagine what would happen to his amiibo during distribution from the assembling factory all the way down to the customers' hands. Speaking of Samus, she does look quite incredible but she is also incredibly tiny. Apparently, all tall characters will encounter the same fate as this Samus figurine when they get turned into an amiibo, unlike those luckier, more rotund characters. As for Pikachu, well, he's just... Pikachu. He doesn't even give us a fancy pose as he's just standing there holding his belly and stealing our souls with his evil eyes.

amiibos on the Traptanium Portal? What kind of blasphemy is this?

I have yet to test these figurines in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U but I have used them to unlock new racing suits in Mario Kart 8. I just love seeing how the screen on the Wii U GamePad ripples from the bottom left side where the sensor is placed when you scan an amiibo: it looks very pretty and it is the perfect reactionary effect from using the amiibo. As a matter of fact, the ripple effect itself is definitely a lot more exciting than actually playing Mario Kart 8 but you already know how I feel about that game. Overall, I think these amiibo figurines are cool, a definite collector's dream but for me, I personally think that the Skylanders figurines are more special because of how they come alive on the screen and that they are the integral part of an actual gaming experience. I do like that these amiibos will find uses in future Nintendo titles but I don't see myself with a complete amiibo collection. I am definitely going to avoid amiibos that have ugly looking stands and to pay more than the already overpriced MSRP to score one of those suspiciously scarce amiibo figurines that should have been readily available in the marketplace? That's just a little too crazy.

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