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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Skylanders vs. amiibo Go!

I was shopping at Target with the husband not too long ago and of course while we were in there, I had to take that little detour to the electronics department. I found myself perusing the amiibo and Skylanders figurines that they have available, hoping that I would find one of those rare amiibos or the Kaos Trap hidden somewhere on the display shelves. I didn't find those unfortunately but the husband noticed that I was really looking at these figurines and offered to get me just one - a Skylander or an amiibo! I was thinking about getting the Zelda amiibo but they have this ugly purple cast on one foot. It wasn't that difficult of a choice so at the end I got a Skylander, of course! Thanks honey!

It's Fist Bump! Isn't he adorable?

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