Sunday, January 11, 2015

ARAM Matches Help Me Exercise

I have been trying to get back into a workout routine since I stopped doing Yourself!Fitness in September of last year and I finally managed to get myself into one since Wednesday this week. I know that I have tried sticking with the treadmill several years ago but I think that I have found the formula to keep me going. While using the treadmill, I am now watching the Twitch broadcasts of League of Legends' ARAM matches on my iPad! An average ARAM match can last up to 30 minutes, which is the amount of time I am spending on the treadmill every night - that is with a day off on Saturday. Because of how involved I can get watching these matches, time would go by so fast every time I jumped on the treadmill though I would always be reminded of the physical activity involved in this whole process via the burning sensations on my thighs and that I float when I walk for the next half hour. I haven't missed a session yet so I am off to a good start! If I don't see any kind of results after two months though, I would probably be using this Kinect game that I got last Christmas:

If I can survive Yourself!Fitness, this one shouldn't be too bad.

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