Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hunting Down Trolls on Twitch

Using Twitch as an omnipresent gameplay recorder for highlight uploads to YouTube is convenient and it can also be fun sometimes when I get to interact live with like-minded gamers out there. But of course there are just too many really annoying people roaming the site as well, something that is of course not unheard of when we are talking about the Internet in general, and they eventually find my channel to land on and haunt on many occasions. Now it's easy enough to ignore things like personal insults or chat spamming but devastatingly game-breaking inaction like spoilers and back-seat gaming are harder to tackle. I believe that it's a power thing: people who have beaten a game or just a section of it think that other gamers cannot think for themselves thus they suck away all the possible enjoyment one may find succeeding in a game on one's own volition. So in a way, by doing their nasty deeds, these spoilers and backseat gamers then became the superior gamer who supposedly tackle the challenges by themselves and then spread their own prowess via their godly guides. Of course, all of those accolades, or delusions, just rest inside their own puny heads and though some people welcome their participation on the Twitch chat, I don't. If they do those things, I would just ban them from the channel but just like in League of Legends where I would place someone on chat mute as soon as they show signs of potential rudeness, I have now taken a proactive measure in ensuring that I won't get annoyed while I am enjoying my game which now always involve me broadcasting it on Twitch: When I visit other people's channels and notice someone backseat gaming and/or revealing spoilers to the games that the hosts are playing, I would then copy their names and ban them on my channel immediately. The thing here is of course, there are too many of these enjoyment vampires out there and these people that I have been banning proactively probably would never even show up on my channel to begin with but you know what? It makes me feel better. Until Steam Broadcasting allows gameplay recording, I will be still be on Twitch and I will do whatever I can to ensure that my gaming experience is not tainted.

This person kept telling the broadcaster what to do without his prompting.

Thus, into the ban list you go. Feel free to add him/her to yours.

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