Thursday, October 3, 2013

Because It Is Only Worth $19.99

Nintendo has released a really interesting pricing detail in regards to their upcoming Wii Fit U and it really made me want to get the "game". As you may know, things haven't been that successful when it comes to me and the first as well as the second Wii Fit iterations on the original Wii. I really can't fault the second game however because I was injured while using it and that made me stop working out for a bit until that laziness became a habit again. With Nintendo denying us any good games for the system, a free download for Wii Fit U is definitely welcomed. The physical game would cost $49.99 but those who choose to download it will be able to keep the game temporarily for free. If they proceed to buy the Fit Meter which looks like a pedometer of sorts at $19.99 during the November 1, 2013 to January 31, 2014 promotion period, the game can then be officially tied to their accounts forever. What I am really in love with in regards to this setup is Nintendo's tenacity in pushing their digital download service. They should keep releasing games from the eShop first before retail and eventually, everyone will get the message but I also urge them to ensure that the price of digital offerings should be noticeably cheaper than the retail versions.

Keep pushing that digital download agenda, Nintendo. Bravo!

So why would anyone buy Wii Fit U at a more expensive price? Well, I shouldn't ask that question. There really are crazy people out there who would pay $60 and more for a retail disc with no manual as long as they have something they can touch, lick, and rub on their crotches. Maybe Nintendo should just cancel out the retail version of Wii Fit U completely and just make the pedometer and the Wii Balance Board available for purchase.

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