Wednesday, October 23, 2013

X-Box 360 Controller's Hidden Trick?

I only have one wireless X-Box 360 controller. Like usual however, I always make sure that I have two controllers for all the console I have, mostly as a back-up since finding a local co-op buddy is next to impossible. The second controller I have for the 360 is a wired one. I have been having a bit of a dilemma recently however with having only one wireless controller. I mostly use it for playing controller-supported Personal Computer games but I have also been revisiting my 360 quite often. Reassigning the controller between the two devices is easy enough but the annoyance comes when I forgot to reassign the controller back to the PC prior to shutting down the console so when I hit the X-Box button to play a PC game, my 360 would start up and I have to turn it off. Yes, I get annoyed by the littlest things, so much so that I was considering getting another wireless controller. I tried playing with the wired controller but since I am just so spoiled by the lack of tethering, it just felt awkward. I thought to myself, "There must be a way to turn on the controller without turning on the console, right?" So I did a little research and found out that it is indeed possible. I didn't know about this until today! By holding the start button, the controller will be turned on without having the console affected - perfect when I forgot to reassign the controller to my PC! Is this common knowledge to everyone else?

This just saved me $40, that's for sure.

Update Note: 2:00pm - Finding the instruction above was certainly thrilling but as I have just discovered  it just doesn't work. Once the 360 controller is turned on using the Start button method, it immediately reaches out to whatever device that it was registered to last and in the case of the 360 console, it would then immediately turn on the console. What a glorious lie...

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