Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Family Halloween?

The spouse and I will be attempting to dress up as a couple for Halloween this year, which is something that we have never ever done before. The spouse doesn't have that Halloween spirit and had never dress up even once for work or personal Halloween events as an adult so when it was suggested to me last night, I was quite surprised. Of course this also means that Yoshi, our lovable little girl, may have to look extra adorable at the end of this month - we are thinking of turning her into a great white shark! I think it will be easy enough to find something cute costume for Yoshi but not so much for the spouse and I. Dressing up as video game characters would probably be a little too much for the spouse to bear so it's probably going to be something more... traditional.

I could become Disturbeau from my Baby Baby video but that's not very fun.

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