Friday, October 11, 2013

Ugly Men of Gaming: Phony Playboys

Case File: 001
Name: Jansen
Origin: Lost Odyssey (X-Box 360)

The long lashes. The generous application of red lipstick. The soft scarf wrapped around the neck. Am I supposed to believe that this guy loves women, that he is a pure womanizer who is actually being pursued mercilessly by women? I know the depiction of men in Japanese role playing games are mostly dominated by girly boys but this is just plain ridiculous.

Case File: 002
Name: Dante
Origin: DmC-Devil May Cry (Personal Computer)

So, the old Dante is not realistic enough so let's completely change his look in this series revival effort. Let's make him look like he had severe brain injury since he was a little boy. Let's give him a questionable haircut. Despite looking like there is no one really home, attach that monster face to a perfect body and voila! You got yourself a creature that will send chills down your spine whenever he looks directly at you and not in that good way!

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