Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Solstice Arena: Now on Steam!

Steam gets so many releases on a daily basis, which seemingly been accelerated with the recent announcement of the Steam Machine, and my Steam wishlist has grown to a whopping 278 items. One game definitely stood out in today's releases and it's Solstice Arena by Zynga. Yeah, the same game that I downloaded for my iPad not too long ago that ended up being a great multiplayer online battle arena for the iOS. Based on the game description, it looks like they offer cross-platform multiplayer for this free-to-play title, which is rather intriguing if you really think about it. I downloaded the game immediately and started playing it. I haven't visited the game in a while for I have been focusing too much on my big screen gaming but both the fun and charm of the iOS game got translated well into this Personal Computer version. You can read my detailed first impression of the game by clicking here.

Thanks for bringing this to Steam!

Zynga has updated the graphics nicely for the PC and even added a couple of cool looking effects here and there but don't expect anything too special. The one thing that has now become a problem for the game is the inability to freely move the camera around the battlefield so your view is stuck with your character. The game doesn't use the fog of war concept so it makes sense since the map is so small anyway yet it still feels a bit weird. Thankfully, the mouse control for this game is deliciously smooth, unlike the horrid, laggy mess found in the recent PC version of Guardians of Middle-earth. If you like MOBA, you may love this game. It's more action and less strategy but it doesn't make the game any less fun. Besides, since there is no in-game chat, you will never experience raging and any other sort of nastiness found in the genre so that is certainly a plus! Now that it's on the PC, it is going to be hard to play the game on the iPad again.

The game feels more epic on my big screen.


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