Friday, June 8, 2012

StreetPass Tag Hunting Ground: Prometheus Midnight Premiere

In this regular feature, I will be reporting the unexpected places where I received a StreetPass tag for my Nintendo 3DS. I bring my 3DS pretty much everywhere these days, an action that is made easier thanks to the Hard Pouch. Hopefully, these articles will help you plan out the places you need to hit in that desperation to score just one more visitor to your Mii Plaza. Today's location also include the specificity of time - the midnight premier of the anticipated sci-fi movie Prometheus by Ridley Scott. I have taken my 3DS to the movie theater every single time I go there ever since I got the handheld in December of last year. I have never gotten a tag from the theaters before, until earlier this morning! The only question that remains is whether 3DS gamers are in the minority or the majority of the attending audience. The result is rather disappointing:

Wow. I guess the gamers are at home, fast asleep.

The theater that the spouse and I went to had two auditoriums showing the movie simultaneously, one in digital and the other in digital 3D and they were next to each other so the 3DS should have been able to pick up the tags from both auditoriums - the spouse and I decided the choose the former, which ended up looking incredible without having to worry about awkward 3D sequences that can take one away from the film. The auditorium was almost completely full, there were a few empty seats in the back and I could only assume that the same was the case for the 3D showing judging from the amount of people leaving the theater at the end of the show. So it is a bit disheartening to know that there are not a lot of serious sci-fi fans out there in my area who own a 3DS and you know that only the hardcore, like the spouse, who would be willing to go out of their way to watch a movie at midnight on a weekday. I really shouldn't complain though: two is a huge improvement compared to my previous visits.


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