Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PS+: Happy Now, Regret Later

The PlayStation Plus membership, or what I like to call it, a good place for one to burn money on nothing just because one has some extra cash laying about doing nothing on one's checking account or credit card, is offering a lot of free games to be downloaded for the month of June and they include some pretty big titles, as you can see from the image below:

"YOUR Instant Game Collection"? Well, well, what a pretty lie.

These are definitely an impressive group of games to be offered for free but if you haven't subscribed to PS+ yet, you should really think about things logically. Ask yourself this question: Do you like to be in control of when and why you play games or do you like to play them sequentially based on what's available to you? If your answer is the former, there is no reason for you to be on PS+. The allure may be irresistible but you know that you won't be able to play those games quickly enough before the next batch of free PS+ games are being offered in the upcoming months for however long you plan to subscribe to the program. It's all an illusion. You're paying money to gain access to Sony's library of games that they know you won't be able to thoroughly use. The hard drive space is limited too and to keep redownloading the plethora of big games to access them later? The chances of you actually doing that is slimmer than you think. Now, here are the more important questions: Do you buy or rent your games? Also, do you plan on keeping your games or you are one of those who sell their games? The PS+ is perfect for those who rent but if you like to buy, just forget about it. Also, you have to remind yourself that the PS+ program will eventually end and if you read that subscription agreement carefully, you will lose access to all these games once your subscription ends. The PS+ is basically a glorified rental program. You are offered an ever increasing amount of games every month that require time commitment more than what you actually have and Sony knows this. They also know that you never own the licenses for these titles permanently. Don't be fooled and make the right decision and skip the PS+. Unless of course, all you do is rent your games.

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Chalgyr Vokel said...

I like the game rental analogy - it's actually what I use when describing it. That said? I do rent games for weekends here and there, and the overall process suits me just fine personally, though I know it's not for everyone either.