Monday, June 4, 2012

Microsoft E3 2012: Proper Perspective

A lot of X-Box 360 fans were not happy with Microsoft's E3 conference this morning that focused mostly on the media enhancements and usages of the device. Not even the Halo 4 announcement couldn't hide the fact that there were hardly any noteworthy 360 exclusive games being shown at the conference. Still, I personally think that Microsoft's showing was a success. Allow me to explain. Did you notice how I refer to the 360 as a "device" in the first sentence instead of a console? Well, repeat after me:

The X-Box 360 is not a dedicated gaming console. It is a set top entertainment box with gaming capability.

Again - now remember, you have to believe it or it won't work:

The X-Box 360 is not a dedicated gaming console. It is a set top entertainment box with gaming capability.

Now, transport yourself back to the conference and remember all the things that were shown. The additional channels that you can get to watch if you pay for the LIVE Gold subscription... The access to the "SmartGlass" technology that allows unprecedented mostly non-gaming media connectivity between your tablet devices and your 360 - just push aside the fact that Microsoft is trying to mimic the capability of the Wii U controller here, that is beside the point. Does everything make sense now? Yes, if you don't consider the 360 as a dedicated gaming console, Microsoft's E3 was truly a rousing success!

I must say that all of the movie/television/music push for the console is a clear indication of the future of the 360 and its successor - if Microsoft would even consider releasing one at this point. They can make a lot of money from just offering the 360 as a set top box. They don't need to invest on the creation of a new console, I mean, device because the 360 is very capable in delivering the non-gaming materials to their customers - as long as those people fail to realize that they can access those things without paying for a subscription via a multitude of other more attractive venues.

Don't rage! Understand the true nature of the 360 and embrace it.

Update Note: 7:25pm - The X-Box 360 is not a dedicated gaming console but based on Sony's E3 showing this year, wow, that PlayStation 3 is definitely a dedicated gaming console!

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