Saturday, October 10, 2009

Revealed! New Game Room

Okay, the room is hardly finished - you may notice some nasty looking wires slithering about and my surround speakers have yet to be mounted - but completing the final portions of the work will probably take forever because they are tricky to accomplish and my body is still aching from all the work I have done over the past several weeks. So, I have decided to share with you how things are looking so far.

This time around, I want to really expand the space inside the game room while keeping a simplistic, minimalistic tone to the atmosphere. I am satistfied with the result that I have achieved so far.


The futon creates a pathway towards the tower of Nintendo GameCube games.
The dresser contains my Game Boy Advance and my Nintendo DS games.
There is also another door to the left of this picture that can't be seen at this angle.

My PlayStation 3 is now sitting on top of the entertainment center.
The Nintendo Wii is laying down on its side because I want it out in the open.
My other consoles are hidden inside the entertainment center.

Charging station area. No more game boxes next to windows.

A lot of changes were made in regards to the placements of games by consoles.

Less posters on the walls.
I plan to install shelves on these walls in the future.

Had these bookmarks for a while.
I finally have a use for them which is to hide speaker wires.
That, and the fact that I am loving World of Warcraft at the moment.

The door I mentioned earlier.

No bogeyman inside. Only nice things.

It's not a closet. It's a game library.

Not done with that space on the left.
It's supposed to be filled with my favorite movie DVDs.

A lot of storage space on top.

Big and spacious. Perfect for the Loner Gamer.

A constructed collage of video game boxes.

No shortage of storage area here.

Yes, that Wii Fit should really be stuffed inside a freshly used toilet bowl.

Not pictured here is the space underneath my futon. I am able to stuff a number of game boxes down there as well as a container that I am using to store peripherals and controllers so that they can be out of the way, keeping the room constantly organized and clutter-free. If you are interested to look at my previous game room, please click here and/or here. Enjoy and yes, I am a very thankful for what I have and I am a very, very happy gamer.


Artificial Wisdom said...

Not gonna be using the Wii Fit much? :D

Loner Gamer said...

Hmmm... I think it's going to be used frequently again now that the Wii Fit Plus is out... Then again maybe not!

Tomasa Savary said...

Can I have your game room? LOL. Seriously I want it! That aside, the fact that you've collected many games is really amazing. I love playing video games. And seeing how you made a game room makes me want to make one for myself, too.