Friday, October 9, 2009

The Casualties of Inter-Spatial Transition

I was very careful while packing and moving my video game items to my new place. Even with all the precautionary efforts, I still managed to get a small number of them hurt during the process. The amount of casualties to report is very small but there shouldn't be any in the first place. I do take full responsibility for all of these damages because if I was just a little bit more careful, they wouldn't have happened.

Damage #1 - The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
If you look closely, there is a long, ugly scratch from the letter D downwards.
Cause: A small but sharp protruding screw inside a disassembled drawer.

Damage #2 - Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
The top right hand side of the box is slightly crumpled.
Cause: Careless placement of heavy objects on top of the victim.

Damage #3 - Abandoned NBA Jam Cartridge
Not really a damage but I cannot believe that I left the cartridge in there all by itself while the cabinet was being transported by movers.
Cause: Rushing to get the cabinet cleared out for the movers.

Damage #4 - Sega Dreamcast Keyboard
Deep dent on the top left corner.
Cause: Bad placement of objects inside a crowded container.

Damage #5: Karaoke Revolution Boxes
Sun damage on the top and side sections of the boxes.
Cause: Well, these were being damaged throughout that whole time I was living in the apartment, undiscovered until now. I place the game discs in a CD organizer so I hardly ever had to check these boxes. If you look at pictures of my old game room, you will notice that these boxes where placed right in front of a bright sun-lit window. What was I thinking?

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