Monday, October 26, 2009

PS3 Getting Netflix Direct Stream - Ouch!

It looks like the PlayStation 3 is finally getting the direct stream movies from Netflix pretty soon. This service is free for those who have a qualifying Netflix account. I like using the direct stream and since Netflix doesn't offer High Definition direct stream on the Personal Computer, I do have to unfortunately use the X-Box 360 to watch HD movies from the service. I hate using the 360 to watch movies because if it's going to die, I would rather have it Red-Ring from my game playing session than anything else - thus I would only do so very sparsely. A majority of these direct stream movies are in standard definition so I would normally watch them on the PC. When this finally arrives on the PS3, I can enjoy HD quality movies without the Heightened Dread I get when watching them on the 360. The very curious thing here is the so-called "instant streaming disc" that Netflix will be sending out to qualified PS3 owners. Will it require an installation? Does it need to stay inside the PS3 to run the program? We shall see soon enough.

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