Friday, October 30, 2009

Surprise 2000th Game Candidate

If you were to ask me a day ago about the possible name of my upcoming 2000th addition to my game library, I would answer with confidence that it would be between Borderlands or Dragon Age: Origins for the Personal Computer, and Forza Motorsports 3, or Magna Carta 2 for the X-Box 360. Well, I just learned today that a new action role playing game had just hit the digital download market a couple of days ago. It is called Torchlight and it was made by the same people who are responsible for co-designing the first two Diablo games and the promising online RPG Mythos that is currently in a state of limbo. I love action RPGs, especially one that's all about raiding dungeons and finding the next awesome loot drop. A demo of the game is available on Steam and I have started playing it earlier this evening. So far, I am quite impressed by the clean interface and pretty graphics. What's more is its ridiculously low price of $19.99! So, there is a good chance that I may be getting this game next. It will be hard to do the special things that I plan to do with my 2000th game when it's a digital download though but we shall see.

There are 3 classes to choose from.
Naturally, I am all over the magic using alchemist.

The addiction begins!

Click here to find out more about this intriguing game.

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