Thursday, April 18, 2013

X-Box LIVE: Windows 8 Messages

As we all should know very well by now, Microsoft does everything they can to coerce people into subscribing to that X-Box LIVE Gold membership by forcing that subscription for online multiplayer access and then adding things you can normally use for free on top of the subscription to make it more... attractive. Microsoft even blocks the ability to send messages to your friends when using the website and the SmartGlass app on the tablets:

Why provide such a basic function to your customers for free, right?

Well, I have never tried sending messages from the Games tile available on Windows 8 until today and you know what? It looks like someone at Microsoft's Greed Department forgot to disable this feature here! You can freely send messages using this app to your X-Box LIVE friends without the need to be on LIVE Gold! How about that? I bet if those who pay for LIVE Gold know about this, they wouldn't be happy? Well, they are probably oblivious to this anyway... As a matter of fact, they are pretty oblivious to the fact that everything they paid for can be done for free on other platforms, whether those features are gaming or otherwise. Charging for LIVE Gold just cannot be justified, Microsoft. End it.

Patch it up! Patch it up!?

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