Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cave the Best... At Teasing?

I got a new X-Box 360 game the other day and it was of course quite a rarity for me these days. I think the day when I will just induct Personal Computer games and abandon future console game purchases is inching ever closer. I surely hope that Microsoft will just beef up the Windows 8 store and make that their new plan of action when it comes to future gaming releases instead of creating yet another console. Wishful thinking, I know since Microsoft would be stupid to miss out on the free money they get from clueless people for online multiplayer on the X-Box 360 but I suppose it doesn't hurt to keep the positive thought alive.

Caution, this one may be a little extra greasy.

The new game I got is this year's "Cave the Best" re-release of Muchi Muchi Pork! & Pink Sweets, two ancient Cave shooters that were first released on the 360 in 2011. Just like any other Cave shooters out there, they are really fun. I was actually surprised to be able to order this game from instead of my typical specialty importers route. It's also cool that this re-release, just like the North American bestsellers, is way cheaper to buy. The whole "Cave the Best" label though does leave a bit of a sour taste in my mouth because I have missed out on some of their releases due to their decision to stop producing region-free games, so to me, they are not necessarily "the best" anymore but I know they are just referring to the game being a bestseller and probably just had problems translating that intent in English. The latest Dodonpachi being released overseas next month also has the possibly of being affected by the region lock... Muchi/Pink is region-free however so get it while you still can. I am troubled though by this whole pattern of horrible box art on re-releases. If anything, they should actually make the covers look hotter to encourage people to buy them instead of stamping them with unnecessary labels and minimizing the artwork.

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