Sunday, April 14, 2013

Diablo III PS3: The Misleading Campaign

Blizzard made a lot of people very excited when they announced that Diablo III is coming to the PlayStation 3 during that silly PlayStation 4 reveal conference. Yes, those excited people include those who have criticized the game as being nothing but a click loot frenzy that they would never be interested in just because they don't have a gaming Personal Computer to play it and their apparent jealousy of the PC release now substantiated. I think it's great news for those who are just unwilling to play on the PC for whatever crazy reason but of course if the game was release on multiple platforms, I would have still pick the PC version because auto aiming and sharing one screen during multiplayer - I remember during the announcement that Chris Metzen specifically said that during console multiplayer, there's no split screen and everyone will stay on one screen - are nothing but severe handicaps. On the PC, games like this allows you to venture away from each other and not confined in that limited space. Of course the biggest revelation here is that the game will no longer require you to log on to a server to play the single and local multiplayer compared to the PC version and that seems to be very important to a lot of people, including a good friend of mine who told me that he would be getting the game for the PS3 when the announcement was made after I tried to repeatedly convince him to get the PC version prior to it. So I lost the ability to play my favorite PC game of 2012 with someone I enjoy playing games with but that's nothing compared to the following image I saw today from the Diablo III website:

But hell has been unleashed in many "living rooms" before the PS3 version?
By the way Blizzy, I played World of Warcraft for many years on a big screen HDTV...

I really liked Blizzard but this whole "in your living room" thing is actually quite offensive. Now I can perhaps forgive a console developer for making such an ignorant statement but a predominantly PC-centric developer? No. Blizzard has lost my respect. Perhaps it's true what they say that developers who make games actually don't play games themselves so in this case, since Blizzard made Diablo III originally for the PC, they don't realize that they can play that very game on the big screen themselves with the PC? Perhaps this is just a way for them to feed the PS3 gamers with a sense of empowerment, that only they can play the game on their super big screen high definition displays when the PC can hook up to those very same displays? I'm so disappointed in you Blizzard.

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