Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Are You Really Buying, Exactly?

As if $99.99 isn't bad enough of a price for a Collector's Edition, today, I discovered today that Ubisoft is planning to sell the upcoming Collector's Edition of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist for multi-platform at $169.99. This thing is bundled with a remote-controlled Paladin Aircraft that is supposedly valued at $150. So... Are you a gamer or something else? I suppose one could be both but to actually bundle a game with such a specific alternate hobby is quite a big risk, isn't it? Unless the developer knows that there are plenty, and I mean PLENTY, of crazy gamers out there who would get anything with a special label slapped on them. A lot of developers have lost sight to the one thing that really matters... The game itself. Releasing fads  - like charging extra for artbook and physical toys - and even designing around fads - like the whole big social gaming thing for the PlayStation 4 which always mandate you being online at all times, something that I thought a lot of people didn't like - instead of focusing just on creating great games that can be delivered simply via digital means.

Breaking news! Major game developer leaves gaming to become RC distributor?

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