Thursday, April 25, 2013

Families Are Happy with Wii U!

Gasp! It looks like families all across America are happy with the Wii U as exemplified by three family interview videos posted on the Wii U website. Apparently, they don't care about game variety as long as they can play as a family and this seems to be what Nintendo is trying to achieve since there are hardly any Wii U exclusive games on the system. I learn from the videos that with the Wii U, you don't even have to subscribe to cable anymore because it replaces the need to watch television as long a you have Hulu Plus and Netflix: Super-excited mom, you could just hook up any raggedy Personal Computer to your display to accomplish that. I also learn that Nintendo likes to use artificial settings for their videos. I think it would have been cool - and slightly more believable - if they would just interview the featured families in their own living rooms. I have a feeling that Nintendo is regretting the fact that they named the system Wii U since these videos tried to distinguish it from Nintendo Wii. Well, if I was a non-gaming dad, the whole Wii Wii would probably confuse me too. I urge you to check out these heart-warming videos, especially if you don't have a Wii U so that you can be utterly convinced to get the system... today!

If you think he's slick, wait until you see his dad busting out some moves.

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