Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Free X-Box Games on Windows 8

I typically don't go to bed until it's a little past midnight but for some reason, I was feeling a bit bored tonight and I really didn't feel like playing any games for some odd reason. Before I put my Personal Computer to sleep however, something compelled me to go to the Windows 8 Store and it was there that I found the following limited time offer:

They probably worth nothing to begin with but it seems like people like these games.

These games are certainly not the best examples of Microsoft's contribution to the current state of PC gaming but you know what? Free is free. Since all of these have that "X-Box" label on them, you could unlock achievements for playing these games and that is great news for achievement whores. So if you have Windows 8, make sure to take the opportunity to download these games as soon as you can since there is no indication anywhere in regards to the time when the offer expires. I'll have to check out the games tomorrow though - I'm going to bed.

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