Monday, April 29, 2013

There Will Be Some Howling in Bed Tonight

My deep, undying love for League of Legends on the Personal Computer was overwhelming before but it had always respected the line between human and non-physical object but now... That line has been crossed. Over the past several months, I have played pretty much just the one lane Proving Grounds map under custom game almost exclusively when I play LoL because it's so action packed and ridiculously fun. Riot Games will be releasing a meticulously-designed new map to replace Proving Grounds and it's called The Howling Abyss and with it, the "All Random All Mid" mode will be included into the matchmaking queue so that means... continuous Influence Points reward without a daily time limit. Now I surely hope that Riot would allow Blind Pick for this map on matchmaking because though playing random champions can be fun, being able to pick a specific champion is indeed quite awesome as well. The leaver-buster system attached to matchmaking will also ensure less occurrences of people leaving the game during champion selection or even mid-match. I cannot wait for this patch to come. In the meantime, I am taking LoL to bed with me. Check out the official video below for details!

This will surely be the most epic LoL patch yet!

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