Monday, December 3, 2012

Steam Big Picture Mode: Live!

Personal Computer gaming on the big screen is not a new concept. I have been doing it ever since I got my first 55" display during the peak of the PlayStation 2 era. Doing it comfortably however with an interface custom made for convenience and accessibility is something fresh and today, Steam's Big Picture mode is finally live after being in beta for quite some time. I am very surprised however by this release because the newer community features have not been implemented into this mode. Typical of Valve, the launch comes with a bunch of discounts for "controller-friendliest" games. What is that? You haven't hooked up your PC to your big screen yet? You don't know what you are missing, especially since those console games don't really support native 1080p, including the Wii U. Go give your display the workout it deserves!
Because your living room/Game Room deserves only the best!

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