Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wii U Touch It?

It has been two and a half weeks since I received the Wii U and you know what? It hasn't seen much use. I haven't played Wii games on it since its arrival and I certainly haven't been playing Nintendo Land that came with my Deluxe Set. Thinking back to all the previous console launches, this is actually rather historical - not to mention it being somewhat hysterical. When I got the other gaming consoles in the past, I played the heck out of them at least for the first week and I did just that when I got my PlayStation Vita not too long ago but with the Wii U, things went dead pretty quickly. I think the problem is definitely the lack of any interesting launch games. The one that I really want to play, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed, unfortunately is a multi-platform release and I am just waiting for the Personal Computer version of it to come out - that is if Sega hasn't cancelled it yet and even if that was the case, I would probably pick up the PlayStation 3 version. What are we going to do about you, Wii U?
So the "U" stands for "Useless"?

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