Tuesday, December 11, 2012

When Origin Stream Fails...

I was very excited when Origin, powered by Electronic Arts, introduced its twitch.tv integration not too long ago and I had used it quite intensively. After a while, I did stop streaming because even though the feature is extremely convenient, it didn't give me the best looking stream out there and pushing the quality up too high did result in some performance drops in the games that I was playing. Then, I felt the itch to stream again this last Sunday but then when I tried to do it, I encountered an error. At first, I thought Valve implemented some kind of anti-Origin protection with its Steam client because I was trying to stream a Steam game but then I realized that wasn't the case when I couldn't even stream Origin games. I looked up the official forum and discovered that there were others who were experiencing the same problem. This prompted me to look for an alternate solution so I downloaded Adobe's free Flash Media Live Encoder again. After some tweaking, I was able to get very favorable result pairing it up with the SCFH DSF screen capture and you know what? My live stream now looks a whole lot better with even less strain on my computer.
Come on EA, you know 40% off is just not enough. I want you to succeed!
Well, with the discovery that using FMLE is better than just using Origin, it looks like I may not go back to streaming using the Origin client. Still, it is possible for me to use Origin exclusively in the future. The one great thing about Origin streaming is that it is possible to stream everything in fullscreen while FMLE requires that I stream some games in windowed mode. Origin is also capable of streaming the in-game sound plus a microphone while FMLE is limited for me right now with just the microphone. So, yeah, get on it EA: fix the Origin stream because you know, with your expensive games that never get good discounts, its the only thing that you have that is certainly better than Steam.

Update Note: 12/12/2012 - I managed to find something better to replace FMLE + SCFH DSF and it's called FFSplit. It's a free program that can stream in HD and it's able to gain the in-game audio plus my mic separately. This thing still doesn't do complete fullscreen streaming in the way  of Origin but it's more convenient and most importantly, effective, than the FMLE for sure.

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